A True Story of Bob and James Bowen

Hi loved ones! 

Tonight was movie night at my house and wow was it amazing!!!! I just had to share with my friends about a movie, A Street Cat Named Bob.

You see, this weekend cat-themed movies only. We ran across this true story about a homeless recovering drug addict that gets adopted by a ginger cat. Living on the streets of England, playing music for money and trying to get clean, this man was totally alone; but then came Bob.

Knowing that I could not possibly do justice to this story, let me just say this: You have got to watch this movie!!!! It is pure heart-warming! The acting was realistic and moving. I love this story, and bravo to James Bowen for getting clean and starting a new life. He and Bob now work for homeless and drug addiction awareness. You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

This is a must watch at least one time!!!! Don't miss it guys, you will love it---I am sure of it. I am now a fan for life!

The movie trailer: 

A mini documentary with the real Jame…

Poem: Alone I Stand

Alone I Stand  by Marsha Marie

Walking daily into an abyss Returning to my cell at night The coldness of the air instills me I long for a touch....any touch My stomach aches but no one cares  A cramp en-veils When will this life be done?  Alone I stand as one. 

Adam, was this about my family?

This weekend, I watched one of the funniest movies of all time. Thank you Adam Sandler for your new Netflix movie, The Week Of. Being set in California, the week of his daughter's wedding, this comedy is pure genius. You've heard the saying, if anything can go wrong, it will? Well, man does it!!!!!

Literally, there were some spots in the movie that had me cracking up!!!. It seemed like the whole ficken movie was about my own family. Talk about Déjà vu? (Our family is also interracial.) If you haven't seen this funny-ass so ASAP.

I love the main character of the dad who tries his best to accommodate all of his guests which end up staying in his home for a week (every mom's nightmare, but this mom is a super champ). I especially love the times that the mom and dad are fighting in the bedroom, and then come out as if nothing is wrong.

There are several old people at the home (one with no legs....the actor is amazingly funny) and also the younger too. This m…

Poem: The Forbidden Flame

The Forbidden Flame by Marsha Marie

a lonely match standing erect the trees beacon feet cemented branches stretched forth heat so near leave me--she begs--it is forbidden tears wash down to cool her flame trails of steam brush his eyes branches sway in confusion the little match bows in sighs

Poem: God Help Us All

God Help Us All by Marsha Marie
lies deceit a show they will bring it down push the blame on others an evil magicians trick
blood in the street screams in our heads what do they want?  money?  fame? my soul? God help us all.
I want to tell the world don't trust them deceivers! look to you God help us all. 
how many will they hurt this time? 5,000?  more? 10,000? their agenda I cannot bear God help us all!!!

Paklish Cooking 101 is released!

Finally Ready!!!!

Family recipes exist in every home. While some may have grown up on mac and cheese, others were able to tour the world and as a result, gain an amazing culinary heritage. Luckily, I had both!!!!
Learning at my mother-in-law's feet in Punjab, Pakistan, I gained invaluable knowledge that I wanted to pass on to my next generation. Thus my family cookbook, Paklish Cooking 101 was created---including a special dedication to my Pakistani teachers, my daughter, and my soon-to-be daughter-in-law.
Take a peek into our family kitchen with Paklish Cooking 101. Available on all major outlets. But for my special readers, feel free to download the printable copy directly from or here
Happy Cooking!!!!!!!

Today's Song

Today's Song by Marsha Marie

childhood memories
cards of chance
young puppy love 
yellow locks 
gunshots ring out
devastation for me
your voice asking where
forever in my ear

dirt love play
school everyday
dark backseat 
innocence complete
teenage love 
a new dawn begins
the sky changes color
my chest beating no end

pledge undying love in a song
a songbird i came along
our names entangled making love on the page
but life had other plans to engage

a fatal decision
a park a catalyst of non-bliss 
my love betrayed you
my eyes gone adrift
never forgotten your name
i live now only with shame
i wonder what might have been 

but in silence i sit
i dream
i care

the long road now holds his hand
the moon calls his name
haunted of my tune long gone
my heart disfigured with pain
loneliness i eat
regret my choice of drink
alone forever i'll stay

your voice a feather passing by
your laugh
a reason i cry
pass me a smile
tease me today
longing for the ring imagined

oh you just know 
our hearts still tethered
a cancer uncured
goodbye today