Recipe Excerpts from upcoming book: Paklish Cooking 101

Now that I mentioned the cookbook in my last blog post, I have cooking on the brain. So I thought it would be fun to write about cooking in Pakistan. Here is an excerpt from the book Paklish Cooking 101,and two recipes highlighted in the book.

Silver dishes are a vital part of every kitchen. Silver dishes (panday), shallow flat mixing bowl (thrami), tea bowls (pyalas), sauce pan (dedgi), round griddle (tava), bread basket (chooket), teapot (chinook) , flatbread cloth (tutahanas), hand-held fan (punkias) and wooden spoons.Moms are always ready for the traveling junk man (panday valla) when he comes thru the alleyway on his bicycle. Collections of old plastic shoes, old silver dishes, odd-and-end metal pieces are weighed and traded in for a new silver pot or clay tea bowls.Dirt is smeared on the bottom of clay and silver pots and pans; not only to make it easier to clean the soot, but to help prevent the clay pots from cracking during cooking. To wash the dirt away, old socks, bar of so…

A New Day, A New Name

Seems like I've disappeared for weeks from my blogging. But with good reason of course. I've been working on a total overhaul on several aspects of my life.

One of those changes was to my online jewelry business. We have changed the selling formats, the stores, and even the name.

Introducing again, S. A. Spirit Jewelry Design and Resale Boutique! Our online store for vintage items and jewelry flipping.

I am totally excited about the new look of the website, and our new stores on Etsy and eBay. Our new website is And I especially love the new photos of our inventory! My daughter is doing an amazing job on them. Check out some of my favs.

Setting up a new business is hard work, and sales are starting to come in. I love this new chapter in my life!! (But my writing is still pushing forward. I'm actually working on a family cookbook, Paklish Cooking 101, By Marsha Marie and Shahbana Azmi. Coming Soon!)

Apparently, Reddit Sucks--only for Me!?!

I joined about a week ago because I had read a news article about it on CNN. In the article it explained about some folks doing ASK ME ANYTHING events because they wanted to promote new websites and such; making it a great platform to gain followers.

Fair enough.

So I thought, that since I was in t



New ebook Release: 75+ Things I Learned Living 22 Years Abroad

It's ready!!!

If you think hard enough about your life, a thousand ideas will come to mind that you want to share with the world. Things that you know that others would benefit from somehow---if even only for a minuscule amount. Or perhaps things that would just be really great topics to sit around and talk about with friends or family. Well, I have a thousand of them, too. But in my latest ebook, 75+ Things I Learned Living 22 Years Abroad, I narrowed it down to just under a 100 or so.
75+ Things I Learned Living 22 Years Abroad, is an honest view about my life's lessons during my time living in Asia and the Middle East in my 22 years of self-exile. I think the most interesting thing about this book, was that I learned so much about myself. I took the time to really think about what I had learnt; and as a result, it has really shown me that I am who I am today because of these invaluable lessons.
75+ Things I Learned Living 22 Years Abroad, is available today on Amazon, here, ot…