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Hello Dear Ones, This week I'm so excited to announce that my website has a fresh new look as of today. Out with the old, and in with some new! I love it so much that I just had to share it with everyone. I hope you enjoy it, too.   New here. Have a wonderful and productive week.

My Codex Vitae --My Book of Life

Hi VIP Friends, This week I have added a new page to the website ( ), the Codex Vitae. Now some may wonder what that is. Well, the Codex Vitae is a self-development framework. It goes like this: The rule is quite simple. Write down your beliefs. Make it a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly habit. Soon, your life will be more aligned with your worldview (a.k.a belief). Thus, you will be happier. I decided to take on this challenge and it was really interesting to sit and think about what I honestly believe about my life and the world around me. (I would challenge everyone to this activity; you might just learn something about yourself, too.)             My beliefs about…. Me: Commercials work on me. Always have. Always will. I am a work-a-holic, and proud of it. I have too many questions in life. I am too plump. Chocolate cupcakes are my kryptonite. I make lots of mistakes, but I always admit them

No Salad For You!

. Hi Friends,   Labor Day weekend is here and I am sure everyone has some plans to go out and do some travelling. And, since travelling is usually paired-up with going out to eat, I decided to share one my favorite restaurant memories. Here is an excerpt from Legally Blonde in UAE .        *****************   When travelling the world, nothing makes you feel more at home, than to visit food chains that come straight from your hometown. I remember the time I drove 8 hours in Pakistan from Islamabad to Karachi just to visit McDonalds—I just had to have a big mac. Then one time in UAE, I drove two hours to get a burrito at Taco Bell in Dubai. It was these little things that kept me connected to home (America) during my domestic exile. So as often as I could, I would go to the Pizza Hut restaurant in Al Ain. It was one of my favorite hangouts, until one day in 2013, I bumped heads with the manager. It was one of our regular mother and daughter lunch dates, and we dec