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If I Were to Dress Up This Year.....

Hi Everyone, Halloween is here. And although it's not one of my favorite holidays, I'm still very interested in its history and how it got started (Here is the link to its history just in case your're interested too. ). Kids never think about--or even care for that matter--how this colorful day came about; I know, CANDY was all we ever cared about as kids  🙌🙌🙌🙌 .....right fellow Generation X-ers??? I am so thankful that I grew up in the days when we treaded the entire half-a-mile-radius for those bite-sized delectables, and then jumped over to our best friend's neighborhood for some more. Awe, the good ole days! When I was a kid, the most common costume was a home-made gypsy outfit. It was easy and fun. Not much thought involved really---all I had to do was raid my mother's jewelry box and borrow her red square dance outfit (I'm still not sure where the outfit came from, because I never

Calling All Writers!

      Hi All, In this week's blog we are going to look at an article taken from Teacher Talk: A Collection of Magazine Articles for Teachers (Book 3). Although it was first penned in 2012, the information is equally as valid today. If you have always wanted to be a writer, then here is your chance. November is approaching fast, and soon the inspired writers of the non-profit organization National Novel Writing Month (known as NaMoWriMo) will unite with fiery to punch out the tall tales that burn within. Come each November 1, aspiring writers from around the world take to their keyboards and feverishly attempt to write a 50,000-word novel in just 30 days. If the novelist is successful, they are awarded an official certificate and badge from the NaMoWriMo organization.  But, if they don’t make the mark, no harm done.  You see, the fun part of this yearly event is the process of writing, and the personal satisfaction of fulfilling one’s goal.   Amazingly, what st

Sweet Thang, You Know I Love You!

💕A letter to my sweet love: ************** Dear love, Where do I begin? My love for you is far beyond words. I have never felt as secure and pure in my life as I feel when I am with you. I can always count on you. You are my rock. I know that you will be ready for me anytime of the day or night with welcoming glances; and I do know just how to push your buttons whenever I want you hot! You body is hard and shaped perfectly---as if one thousand engineers have meticulously carved your body out. Your shoulders are square and steadfast; I feel a current surge my body when I caress them. Your mouth is smooth and gracious, encompassing my body as I reach out to you. When I look into your face, it as if I can stare down into your soul—I am your very purpose in life. I could stare at you for hours watching you sway gently as you work. Your scent is intoxicating like that of a refreshing spring. Oh my love, I could never leave you. You know just how to keep me coming for mo

I Love My Peachy-Massy!

Hi Dear Ones, Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite people in the whole world, Peachy-Massy . Kind of a strange name, I know, but let me explain. When I lived in the Middle East, I had a horrible handicap: I just couldn't remember anyone's name. Be them strangers, or immediate family members, names were like slippery fish; I had them one moment, and the next they were just gone. So to help me decipher from the hundreds of my husband's relatives, I would attach English nick-names, this way I would remember the names by attribute-association. So how did I get Peachy-Massy? Quite logically actually. Peachy-Massy was my mother-in-law's younger sister. She lived in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and would come to visit us as often as she could. I loved it when she came over; she would always bring chickens or goats over and give as gifts to my children. She was truly one of the happiest people I had met during my 17 years in Pakistan; when she smiled, her