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Apparently, Reddit Sucks--only for Me!?!

I joined about a week ago because I had read a news article about it on CNN. In the article it explained about some folks doing ASK ME ANYTHING events because they wanted to promote new websites and such; making it a great platform to gain followers. Fair enough . So I thought, that since I was in the middle of doing my own AMA event on another website, I would also give Reddit a try. I created an account and started buzzing around like a visiting bee. Reading about how it works and all of the different topics that I could join. Let me tell you, I have to admit, I was really shocked at some of the topics that folks chose to talk about in a public forum. Like for example: I am Jesus Christ, ask me anything . I shit myself today, ask me anything . etc. However, the most offensive for me was this: I'm a pedophile, ask me anything . WTF? Are you kidding me? I thought to myself, " Surely, this is a joke ." Then I made the mistake of looking at the feed.


The ASK ME ANYTHING event turned out to be an amazing experience. I received very engaging questions, which gave me the opportunity for more inner reflection. Here are the questions and answers from the Feb 4, 2018, live AMA event.  (Note that the questions are in the order received.)  Q. Are you part of any organization or advocate groups that help and assist people who have same experience as you? Yes. Since my return to the States, I have joined several groups as a regular member and speaker. My goals is to spread my story in hopes that someone who might be in my same position will not repeat what I did, but find the courage to speak up and tell someone. I have joined the following:  National Coalition Against Domestic Violence ( ) Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence ( ) (I am also a member of the survivor advisory committee called: S.H.A.R.E.