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Music Brings Families Together

    Ah music! The greatest mood-modifier of all time! Whether your sad, in love, feeling funny, or just want to dance, we all have our favorites-list tucked away in our hearts. A few times a year, our family will have a  sing-a-long night ; this is were we take turns at finding old songs that we love on YouTube and play them really loud. We laugh, sing and sometimes dance as a family. We've been doing this for several years now and they truly are some of our greatest family moments. (Honestly, it was my mother who started this tradition. She would play her favorite 50's songs loud and we would dance together. I remember us doing the Mash-Potato and the Twist,  and laughing for hours. Really amazing memories!)   A few weeks back, I thought that it would be great if I had a place I could go to that with all of my favorite videos already saved-up; and so,  MARSHA'S PLAYLIST   was born. Now it's even easier for me to enjoy my faves anytime, anywhere---straight

35 Healthy Habits Everyone Needs to Have

Happy Pre-Turkey Day! I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for the big day this week. For today's blog I want to share an inspiring article I've just run across. The information is so delightful that all of us can gain something beneficial from it. I hope you enjoy. too. Breaking Bad Habits: 35 Healthy Habits Everyone Needs to Have True health is multi-dimensional. It’s not just how you feel physically—though that plays a giant part. Health is also your relationship to yourself, social, recognizing your purpose, financial, emotional, and habits and actions. Let’s be honest, no matter how hard you try to go to the gym every day or eat healthy at every meal, it doesn’t always happen. And even though you try your absolute best to save your hard-earned money, sometimes things pop up. We know it sounds cliché, but making small changes to your routine can lead to a healthier—and happier—you. So, let’s get started, with a few every-day lifestyle tip

Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

  READY FOR THAT TALK NOW?   A Play in One Act   by   Marsha Marie       (Copyright © 2017 by Marsha Marie)       ***   Cast of Characters:   Marsha :  An amazing beautiful well-preserved woman in her early 50's---at least that is how she sees herself. In reality, she totally grey, no teeth and a bit on the chubby side.   Sidewalk Sam :  A fairly well-groomed, masculine-curved sidewalk outside Marsha's office in Tempe, Arizona.     ***   Scene   6pm, outside an office in Tempe, Arizona   Time   November 9, 2017           ***     ACT 1   Scene 1   Setting:   We are outside a fairly modern office building right in the curve of an access road off of the main street in downtown Tempe, Arizona. A sidewalk hugs the curve and is married to the lengthy patch of beautifully fresh mown grass just to the south; the scent trumpets the air. Across the street the corner lot is an open field where the few rabbits

Dear Past

Hi All,   In this week's blog I am writing a letter to someone special; I'm sure almost everyone can relate.             Dear Past, I got your message today that you wanted to talk to me. Why? What could you possibly want from me now? Or do you just want to give me more of your lies—more of your fake love?  At first, my heart fluttered thinking that perhaps I saw a sliver of light from a cracked door—could there be a chance of us being an " us" again? But then I remembered everything that you did and said to me those years we were in bondage. Is not the world a big enough place for the two of us? Go home to your latest victim, and at least try to be the man that you should have been with me. Please for God’s sake, learn from your mistakes. Listen. Will I forget the good times we had? No. Never. Will I forget the bad times? Oh, HELL no!....even though, I have to admit that your timing is quite odd really; just last week I found a vo