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Dear Mom, 

I was just thinking about you today; your birthday is coming up. It has been a while since we last spoke. 

The kids have all grown up, and you would not even believe the baby. Time goes by so fast. 

I am working as a corporate trainer now. I really love my new job. They allow me to experiment and explore. I love the freedom I have now. I guess, all those years teaching overseas has really come in handy. 

It is amazing how much I look like you. When I look in the mirror, it is almost like I see you standing behind me. My nose and my eyes whisper your name. I love and miss you so much. I wish I could just pick up the phone and hear your voice. 

I'm sorry Mom that I have still not been to your grave. I just cannot bear the pain. I want to remember your smile in my heart just like I did when I was gone. I think of you everyday. 

Bye for today Mom. I will write soon.

Love, Sissy

Ode to Cobra Kai..... it's that time again!!!

Goju Ryu  the style from old I feel the love or hate, or fold
Cobra Kai again today deep in the eye comes out to play
Miagi-do wipe-off, wipe-on my childhood show  Karate Kid -- Kublai Khan
strike first? strike hard?  no mercy?
no first strike, I take Daniel Larusso, me make!
Bonsai Daniel-son!!! Cobra Kai
Season 2 is on!!!

Poem: Empathy

Empathy by Marsha Marie

feelings inside the touch of the skin embrace me  hold me don't you understand?
...i do ...i will ...i can ...i be ...the pain roars inside me
alone  i feel no other  appears can anyone hear me? heart chest breath soul ...deafening you are to me

Unclear Path

Sometimes the road is not what it may seem.

Lately, new experiences have come my way. New exuberance, and experience. New sadness and new victories. I wondered if this was really for me. Can I make it?

Then in a deep sleep, the answer came. Not the entire answer, but one that showed me the way.
"This is for you right now." a gentle whisper showed. "The way will be a bit uncomfortable, but with little sacrifice. More is to come, trust in me."

I awoke and realized.......

I am right where I should be.

Poem: Walls

by Marsha Marie
Looking up I see nothing but white No sense of belong No scent No love
I hear the words I am yours  I made you
But why do you hide? No color to feel? To warm my soul?
The world is spinning  Too fast to grasp Illusions and deceit Trading and using When will truth be sweet?
White walls in front and behind White noise and halls a total clear mind and when I close my eyes I long for you but with you nothing but lies