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A New Look into Empathy

Hi All, This week I would like to share some thoughts on empathy. Empathy by definition means the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. I show empathy each single day at work. I answer at least 40 calls a day, and most of the time there is some type of issue that the customer is dealing with; thus calling me for some type of resolution. I listen carefully to case after case, plea after plea, desperate calls from customers begging for my mercy and favor in hopes that I will see their hardship through their eyes and do something that will ease their suffering (not an easy job, trust me). It really shocks me how much effort they put into begging. Even without such pleas, I clearly understand and I feel their pain. Was I like this before the start of my mediation research for my It's Hard to Meditate When Your  Butt Itches book? I think I was; but I can definitely feel a stronger draw and acceptance since my practicing of mediation and fervent prayers. So often,

A Heavenly Message

Lately, I have been reading up a lot about mediation and the after-life. So many stories are out there about people who have had near-death experiences---my own mother included. Many have actually gone to another realm that they call Heaven. One of my favorite recollections is that of Dr. Eben Alexander ( ). In 2008, he said that he went to Heaven. His story is powerful and very believable. But what I wanted to share with you today, was the message that he was given while he was there. A message that is worth sharing around the world. You are deeply loved and cherished forever. You will be taken care of. You have nothing to fear. 

Chantel; Queen of Marsha's Home

Hi. Let me start by saying that I own the whole house. I mean, literally, there is no place in this house that I do not call my own space. And I deserve it; if only for the fact that I am so darn cute. I love pizza, beef heart, and I absolutely love tuna. Man, I don’t know where that tuna stuff comes from, but oh my god, give me some more of it Yeah, I sleep a lot, but that’s because I really get tired from patrolling the rooms and playing tag with my friend Sierra.  Sometimes when I'm feeling really playful, I just stand in the bathtub and play with the shower curtain; or sit in the sink and hope that someone will turn the faucet on. I really love watching Marsha do crazy stuff in mirror every morning. I don't understand what she does, but I really love watching her.  I love Marsha. I remember the first time I met her. I remember looking at her thru the bars of my cage. Her face made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Then she reached in and touched my face. She had s

Stillness So Loud

only 14 days  not much more why oh lord are things so noisy now?  the quieter I get  the louder the world around me i close my eyes  checking as I go the light comes in  making love to it's surroundings is it for real?  if they really cared  they would show us the way the way to inner peace and beauty how could we stand so silent?  awaken oh loved ones and see the way to speak the loudest  is to be the quietest

Jumping Ideas

"Ideas are pockets of energy that are floating around in space looking for a host that will nurture and develop it."   At first, this idea kind of struck me as odd. But I have to admit that lately, I am starting to agree with it. You see, up til now, I honestly felt that once I completed the few major book ideas that I had, I would stop writing. I would have no more books to write. In all honesty, I do not consider myself a writer per say. I am simply a woman, that has traveled the world, and just wanted to share my stories. But now, these ideas just keep coming to me. Where are they coming from? Why me? I guess I will never know. But here I currently stand with four unfinished projects. It seems that the more I write, the more ideas that is coming to me. Yep! I am a believer now people. So if an idea has chosen to visit you, invite it to stay and treat it well; you never know what magic it will bring.