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Ten Ways I Get Thru My Day

Hi All, Lately, I have had a difficult time just getting thru my days at work. Honestly, it seems as if each workday is somehow gaining an extra ten minutes tacked on; it just keeps getting longer and longer . You may be wondering: How do I survive? Like this. I........... Ignore everyone around me. Sometimes I just fall into a trance; you know, pretend that I am not really there. Like I am off to the Bahamas or something.  Bully others. I wander around the office and butt into people's conversation, and just take over. The extra confidence actually seems to make the clock go faster.  Cry. Yes, I am not proud of it, but I sometimes I go to the toilet stall and cry like a girl. (As shocking as it is to some of my friends, I am still female.) Eat all day. I keep my bag full of munchies and just keep my mouth chomping. Somehow the movement of my mouth makes it seem like my job is too far away from me to care anything about it.  Sleep. Not proud of it, but I have