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New ebook Release: 75+ Things I Learned Living 22 Years Abroad

It's ready!!! If you think hard enough about your life, a thousand ideas will come to mind that you want to share with the world. Things that you know that others would benefit from somehow---if even only for a minuscule amount. Or perhaps things that would just be really great topics to sit around and talk about with friends or family. Well, I have a thousand of them, too. But in my latest ebook, 75+ Things I Learned Living 22 Years Abroad , I narrowed it down to just under a 100 or so. 75+ Things I Learned Living 22 Years Abroad , is an honest view about my life's lessons during my time living in Asia and the Middle East in my 22 years of self-exile. I think the most interesting thing about this book, was that I learned so much about myself. I took the time to really think about what I had learnt; and as a result, it has really shown me that I am who I am today because of these invaluable lessons. 75+ Things I Learned Living 22 Years Abroad , is availab

Ask Me Anything Online Event

Happy New Year! Did you know that next week is the ASK ME ANYTHING online event? It will be on February 4, 2018, at 7am Phoenix-time! Event title is: I lived a 14-year-self-exile in a Pakistani village to escape my abuser. I wrote a book telling my story. Ask me anything.     Get your questions in today! Here are a few of the questions that have been submitted already: Why didn’t you call the police instead of just hiding in Pakistan? How did you overcome all those experiences? If you were offered a TV or film adaptation of your life story, would you do it? Did you and your children need to learn a whole different language while staying in Pakistan? What is the best advice you can give to other battered wives and women who are victims of domestic abuse? How was it like living in seclusion for 14 years? Did you ever regret anything you did in the p