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It's finally here: 75 Things You Should Know About Working in a Call Center

Hi All, It is finally finished! My latest funny book, 75 Things You Should Know About Working in a Call Center, was officially published today. It was great fun writing this not-so-official expose' about life inside call centers. Lots of shocking and humorous facts for anyone that has ever worked in one, or ever plans on working in one. I hope you enjoy and get a good laugh. Feel free to share it with your friends and family. You can download your free copy from my website at .

A Meditative Prayer

Hi All, This weekend, I have started a new book called, It's Hard to Meditate When Your Butt Itches: My Journey to Find Inner Peace. This book will take my reader along with me on my journey of learning and practicing meditation. I have only meditated a few times, and here is what has happened thus far. The idea for this book came to me, and I have written a special prayer that I wanted to share on today's blog. Dear God,                 I realize that you have created a spiritual canvas. Help me to create the masterpiece that you meant for me to be. Help me to spread the colors of joy and love and forgiveness in such a way that the fresco of your grace shines thru my eyes.  ..........................................  I cannot believe that so much love and inspiration has flowed thru me with only a few meditative moments. I am really looking forward to what lies ahead for me. 

Online Abuse and Amnesty International

Hi All,  Yep. Been super busy at work. Working up to 56 hours a is too much---but hey, it's a job and it pays the bills. It has even inspired me to start work on another book. Look for it coming soon.....I hope. hahaha Anyway, today I did some writing that I felt was important enough to put on the blog. I wrote about online abuse. I shared my story with Amnesty International . You all know that I am a member of the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence right? Well this week they asked us for our story about online abuse, and how we handled it. Here is some of what I said: I was married to an Asian man. I lived in his country, while he lived here in the United States. Once he was deported and was forced to return his country; we divorced and he took custody of my 4-year-old son by force. His abusive emails started while we were still married. He began sending me at least two vulgar emails a week, and then would call me afterwards to