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R.I.P. Art Bell 1945-2018

I was shocked this morning to find out that one of my favorite radio hosts Art Bell, the founder of Coast To Coast Radio Show and Dark Matter , passed away on Friday, the 13th. Seems only fitting that this amazingly inquisitive radio-legend would pass away on a day like Friday, the 13th. He was never scared to talk about any topic, and he opened the door of the paranormal, conspiracies and time travel for so many people around the world. Still haven't hear how he passed on yet, but my heart goes out to his family. I have been listening to Art since I was a kid. His voice will forever stay the symbolic sound of the paranormal radio. If you have never heard Art Bell, you can listen to a few of his radio shows on either , , or . Art Bell, thanks for opening up our minds. We will miss you!!! Send us a sign from the other side. His radio show.     Interview with Larry King.

One question: Have you looked up lately?

Have you looked up lately? When I was growing up:  Today:  If they're not chemtrails; then what the hell are they? You decide: FRANKENSKIES  FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY  (GEOENGINEERING / CHEMTRAILS) DIRECTOR'S CUT FrankenSkies is an 80 minute social change documentary regarding the Solar Geoengineering/Chemtrail agenda that affects every living being on earth. The struggle of bringing awareness to this subject, despite the obstacles of a socially engineered populace and the military industrial complex with its endless resources, is palpable in this awakening truth feature. An impeccably timed eye opening expose, the film reveals the campaign to normalize chemical cloud formations via atmospheric aerosol dispersals. Up against a normalization timetable encompassing a controlled media and an indoctrinated educational and political system, activists ask the question : Is your silence your consent? A shocking informative fil