A True Story of Bob and James Bowen

Hi loved ones! 

Tonight was movie night at my house and wow was it amazing!!!! I just had to share with my friends about a movie, A Street Cat Named Bob.

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You see, this weekend cat-themed movies only. We ran across this true story about a homeless recovering drug addict that gets adopted by a ginger cat. Living on the streets of England, playing music for money and trying to get clean, this man was totally alone; but then came Bob.

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Knowing that I could not possibly do justice to this story, let me just say this: You have got to watch this movie!!!! It is pure heart-warming! The acting was realistic and moving. I love this story, and bravo to James Bowen for getting clean and starting a new life. He and Bob now work for homeless and drug addiction awareness. You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

This is a must watch at least one time!!!! Don't miss it guys, you will love it---I am sure of it. I am now a fan for life!

The movie trailer: 

A mini documentary with the real James Bowen and Bob: 

YouTube link to full movie: 

His Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialJamesBowenandStreetcatBob/


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