Top Ten Things to Bring Me Equanimity

Hi All,

I've been super busy working on my It's Hard to Meditate When Your Butt Itches book: been doing a lot of writing, editing, testing and thinking. Yesterday, I decided to put a small glossary in it for those readers who are new to the topic of mediation and may feel a bit lost by some of the vocab that comes with exploring this complex topic.

One of the new words I've recently come across is equanimity. When I first heard it I thought I understood it right away; but I was so wrong. I thought it might have had something to do with being equal to something else. hahaha. not even close Marsha! It turns out that equanimity means mental calmness, having composure or being even-tempered. (I really don't see the root word in it, but I'll go along with it.)

So then I started thinking about equanimity, and how one would achieve it.  Sure lots of different ways to get there I suppose, but I also think equanimity would depend on what someone would consider mental calmness. So today, I am going to share the top ten things that would create equanimity for me.

  1. having no bills
  2. having no kids to make bills
  3. having a spotless home
  4. having a perfect running car
  5. having a man to worship my every move, word and scent
  6. having lots of zeros on my bank statement
  7. having a job where all I had to do was call in, and let them know that I am working, and still get paid
  8. having an elevator that I could walk into and just say the name of anyplace in the world and it would take me there (my Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory influence shining thru right now)
  9. having a home attached to the back of Walmart, so all I had to do was open the back door and be shopping
  10. having a switch on the wall by my front door that says: UP FOR RAIN, DOWN FOR SUNSHINE
Sheep, Animal, Electric, Light, Switch

Well, there it is, my list of reaching equanimity. What is yours????


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