A Call for a Butterfly Truce

Dearest Changed Butterfly,

I watched you from afar as you went into flight. You were so effortless it seemed--your beauty unveiled for all to see. Your soft wings brushed up against the sky’s cheek with grace. God himself painted each and every of your population's wings; as if to carry a Morse Code of his love to all of the Earth. Your flutters kissed the air and the strings of my heart since the day I was a child.

Yet, when I come to approach you the other day, you changed. Do you remember this weekend when I wanted to kiss you back? Something happened. You turned into a demon? Why? What happened to you? You fluttered about attacking me as if you had some vengeance to settle with me?

Look butterfly menace. I want to settle this once and for all. Forgive my short-comings that I may have and let's move on in life. I want to be able to come to you and embrace your beauty that has been bestowed upon you. What do you say? Can we call it a truce? I love you, and I want my children and their children to enjoy your flutters of love and forgiveness.

Patiently awaiting,


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