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Holiday greetings to all,

This week I have writing on the brain. Have you ever wanted to just write something, but thought, Nah! I can't write. I know exactly how that feels; I used to think like that. Even though I had had several magazine articles published in UAE, and then a self-published memoir, Bangles (Book 1) under my belt, I honestly didn't think of myself as a writer. It wasn't until I heard Big Magic on audiobook, that I let go of my own inhibitions and decided, YES! I AM A WRITER. Do I write just for myself? Not always. Most of the time I write because I want to share some kind information or knowledge with the world. (You know, leave the world a little bit of a better place than when you found it.) See, by nature, I love helping and encouraging others, and so, I attempt to do this thru my writings.

True, there are times when I just want to rant on about something stupid, irritating or even petty, but after all, I am only human and sometimes I just want to get things off my chest, too. Besides, there is no stress on anyone else out there anyway; if they don't care to read what I've written about, they simply move on to reading someone else's work; no feelings hurt here. It's a win/win situation.

Now since I feel so strongly about one expressing themselves in the freedom of writing, I wanted to explore some of the avenues available online. There are so many catalysts to get your stuff out there for the world to read.

Let's list just a few of them here:

Writing.com (a great little community for writers and readers.)

Medium.com (a more serious platform.)

SheWrites.com (more for women writers.)

Blogger.com (yep, you guessed it, for writing blogs.)

Wattpad.com (one of the largest reading communities, for as little as a poem or an entire novel.)

NaNoWriMo.org (a novel writing platform.)

Scribophile.com (an online writing community.)

Of course this list is only a sample; there are so many more of them out there. So, even if you write for only five minutes a day, choose a platform that you are comfortable with, pick something to write about, and then go for it. No matter how little you write or how much, writing is a magical and therapeutic tool. It's a big world out there and someone is interested in your thoughts. Regardless your age or experiences in life, we all have something worthwhile to share; so stop holding back.
Be it a story, a memory, a novel, a poem, a documentary, a news piece, a letter, an editorial, a feeling, a hope, a disgust, a piece of advice, and expression of love.......write on!!!!

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