I Don't Care if His Junk is Out to Lunch!!!!!

Today, give me permission to air out about something that I am just simply tired of hearing about---erectile dysfunction---ED commercials on the radio and internet. 

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Imagine with me for a minute, here's what happens: I'm driving down the road, listening to my local morning talk show about the most pressing world topics, and then without any warning, I hear, "Are you tire of not performing well in the bedroom? Are you having trouble making goals with your spouse, girlfriend or partner? Do you want to get back into the game?"

What the hell?....... Why is this crap on? I just want to hear about traffic, not about some guys dysfunctional body part! I couldn't care less how he performs in the bedroom. Damn it!

I can't help but wonder what has happened to us as a society. Isn't a guys out-of-commission-junk something that should just be discussed in the privacy of his doctor's office? Has our society gone so far that our airwaves have to be bombarded with the ED drug commercials? .......Hey radio programmers! Women don't want to hear this crap!

Well, last year I finally decided that after being slammed with hours of unbearable commercials, I would change my tuner to a commercial-free station. Look. I had to. I just couldn't take any more. I was sick of having penis-shaped-hammers coming down on my head every 7-8 minutes of programming. Finally, I was able to drive my daily commute without hearing fake football coaches acting like they were trying to get players pumped for the next game, or a sultry woman's voice sounding like a high-priced hooker trying to encourage men to come and see her. My rides were peaceful again.

But life changes, and my recent job change dictated me to drive across town on the freeways during rush hour. So, to keep atop of traffic, I switched back over to my old talk station. At first it was like  visiting an old friend; we were giggly and catching up about what has happened since the last time we had met. But then suddenly, I was jolted back to reality! Deja vu, all over again! I'm slapped across the face with, "Are you tired of paying the high price of Viagra? You can get it from us for only a few dollars a pill, and it works just as well. It will having you preforming like your old self again. But please guys, be mindful of your partner."

What?! Be mindful of your partner?! God, I am going to throw up! Now we have to remind men that these medications are not legal rape-drugs? Really? Is this where we have gone since last year? Next thing you know we will have to start airing commercials explaining that rape is bad, too. (Hey. Don't be shocked. They are already doing that in the UK---in plain English.)


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