Prison Break Review, S-5, E-4 --WTF Paul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? Who is Poseidon?

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Is this the Poseidon???? What could he possibly want with Michael?
(and plz, put some clothes on man; this is a family blog!)

WTF Paul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? Who is Poseidon?

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen this episode yet, STOP READING HERE. 😈

Hi guys, just watched Prison Break, episode 5, and it was so intense. Micheal is finally out of prison and now they are accused of killing the evil radical guy. Thank god, him and Lincoln finally met up once Linc opened the door and let everyone out.(Technically Michael and his peeps climbed over the wall instead of going out the front door, so Michael's world record is still in tact.) And that young kid who actually killed the evil Jewel-of-the-Nile-swammy guy????...... I just love you!!!! You are so damn cute!!!

Well peeps, watching tonight's epi, I squeeled, I held my breath and pounded on the table more than once! I was cheering them on. Great job producer guys!! This episode rocks!!!!! Extremely suspenseful!

And if that wasn't enough, back home in the States, Paul Kellerman was killed by the Peter-Pan-looking lady and her lost-boy-side-kick. Luckily before Paul died, he told T-Bag about the person behind all of these issues with Michael---his name is Poseidon (wait, did I spell that right?...........yea I did.) So anyway, we don't know too much about him, other than he is some renegade CIA loser who is playing life by his own rules now. Once again,,,,,,more questions................................................

but, oh god, (not Poseidon), I am just loving it!!!!

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No Poseidon.....not much better at night either......put some clothes on!


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